About BES

Mission Statement  


Engaging All Learners

Our mission is to be a place of life-long learning for all our learners. All learners would be our students, teachers, administrators and parents. We believe that learning should be a daily process for all and should be the goal of everyone involved in the school. We are committed to providing meaningful experiences and work to all the learners in the school community so that we better our community and the environment of learning on our school.


This means that the work we do and the work we give all learners should be relevant, engaging,  challenging, and rewarding to the individual. By engaging all learners, we will create a love of learning and learning will be valued by all. 


Our Beliefs


Understanding the importance of having a solid foundation upon which to build our school, we have worked diligently to develop these to truly reflect what we are all about.


All children can learn and will learn in their own time and their own way.


All children have a unique perspective and knowledge that they can contribute to the learning of others. Grouping students in heterogeneous classrooms gives the opportunity for sharing and learning from each other.


We believe our school is a community of learners in which students, teachers, parents and the community are growing and learning together.


We are striving to create a clean, safe, secure, environment as we teach children to respect themselves, others and property. Our school should be a place where children are nurtured and willing to be creative and take risks.


All teachers should participate in on going staff development in order to reach their potential to provide rewarding opportunities for all children.


As teachers, we should constantly strive toward engaging students in meaningful work experiences.


We can and WILL teach ALL children.


Our Vision


If our beliefs are in place and practiced everyday:


Our school will be a place of learning for all. Everyone will be engaged in their work and learning. Teachers will be reflective of their practice and utilize assessments to guide their teaching. They will be actively seeking information from their students to discover better ways and activities that will engage children actively and excitedly in learning. Because of this thirst for learning the school will have a feel of excitement when you walk in the door. You will see a gallery, a gallery of student work: photos, examples, quality work will line the halls and be displayed creatively and in places of honor in the school. Attendance and discipline wonít be an issue because the engaged child will want to be at school daily and too busy learning to get in trouble. You will see parents in the building actively involved in the learning of children and learning themselves how to be better parents and support their childís learning at home. Classrooms will also be a gallery of student work and student made learning tools. Word walls, class stories, individual student work will line the walls.  Students will be busy in self-directed learning. Teachers will be leading the class in learning. Everyone will be successful. Personal learning will be of the highest value and sharing what you have learned will be one of the highlights of everyday. You will not see a single ìstore boughtî decoration anywhere in the building. Everything will be made by children. You will feel that we value every child and person in the school. You will feel the BUZZ.


As the hub of learning for the community, the school will be a busy place, valued by the neighbors and community members as a place to support the future of our country, our children and the individual learning of everyone in the community. The school will have influenced the community to become a place where everyone is valued. The school family will understand the value of differences and gathering together to learn from each other. Cultures will be valued as bringing new knowledge and understanding to the life of our community. Together we can do more. Higher learning for all makes all of us better.