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Title 1


Baldwin Elementary is identified as a Title I school as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). Title I is designed to support state and local school reform efforts tied to challenging state academic standards to reinforce and enhance efforts to improve teaching and learning for students. Title I programs must be based on effective means of improving student achievement and include strategies to support parental involvement. The parent involvement requirements for schools and districts serving students through Title I consist of: 

  • Family Engagement Plan
  • School-Parent Compacts
  • Annual Title I Meeting
  • Continuous Communication
  • Parent Educational Workshops 

Baldwin Elementary

"Success For ALL Students”

Rodney Long, Principal                                                  Martina Harrison, Assistant Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians:


As part of our continuing efforts to improve our school, we are asking all parents to complete an online survey.  What you think about your child’s school is important to us.  Please go to the following site to access the survey:


English Survey


Spanish Survey


Type the address in your browser just as it looks above.  If you do not have Internet access at home, you may come by the school’s office or media center at your convenience to complete the survey. 


When you have completed the survey, please sign and return this form.  This will let us know that everyone has had a chance to participate.


Thanks for your support!


Parent/Guardian’s Name____________________________Student’s Name__________________________



           La Escuela Elementaria de Baldwin

"Éxito para TODOS los estudiantes."

Rodney Long, Principal                                                            Martina Harrison, Asistente del Principal


Queridos Padres/Guardianes:


Como parte de nuestros continuos esfuerzos para mejorar nuestra escuela, estamos pidiendo a todos los padres completar una encuesta en línea. ¿Lo qué piensas de la escuela de su hijo es importante para nosotros. Por favor, vaya a la siguiente dirección para acceder a la encuesta:


Encuesta en Ingles – vaya a


Encuesta en Español – vaya a


Escriba la dirección en su navegador tal y como se ve arriba. Si usted no tiene acceso a Internet en su casa, usted puede venir a la oficina de la escuela o centro de medios de comunicación a su conveniencia para completar la encuesta.

Cuando haya completado la encuesta, por favor firme y devuelva este formulario. Esto nos permitirá saber que todos han tenido la oportunidad de participar.


Gracias por su apoyo!


Nombre del Padre/Guardián ______________________________ Nombre del Estudiante ________________________________



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